PR Contacts [Still] Matter

With the Death of SEO (read the article to get the gist), PR, social and content marketing will have the greatest effect on your customers. “Now [PR] is the ultimate, because it is about who you actually, really know. It’s the buzz you create. And how much value you provide your community of followers in return.” 

As the old adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” becomes true again, watch out!

Yes, content is king. But who is reading that content? Who are you getting that content in front of? Those are the true tests of a PR agency and PR professionals: Who they know. Do they know your audience? Do they know your industry trends? Can they talk the talk and walk the walk?

The junior-level “post-and-pray”ers as well as the “smilers and dialers” have been popular for the last 5 years. It’s been all about how fast and how much content you can get up on the web about your company. Those 20-somethings are tech savvy. They get social the way some don’t (yet). They have no fear in calling any journalist and pitching any story. But is it the right story? Has your PR agent burned bridges with that reporter by not knowing him and his interests intimately?

Invest in PR professionals that KNOW people. Those people may be journalists or they may be your customers. In some cases they may be the one person who controls the investment in your company. Rolodex matters. 

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