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15 Content Marketing Secrets 
(part 2)

And moving right along, the next five content marketing secrets are: 6. LinkedIn is King for B2B Marketing

When to Outsource

The question of when and whether to outsource your company’s content creation should be considered as carefully as the decision to outsource any other important aspect of your company’s operation—manufacturing, sales, customer support, and the like. (And if you weren’t thinking about content creation and distribution on the same level as those functions, you should […]

15 Content Marketing Secrets 
(part 1)

At this stage in the game, you already know that “content is king.” The question now becomes: How can you maximize your content marketing resources to receive the highest return on investment? We’re here to please. In the next three posts, you’ll discover 15 secrets to content marketing success (and longevity) that will help your […]

Five Tips for Getting Your Press Release Covered

Last week’s blog post looked at some of the reasons why this journalist and analyst prefers press releases over alternatives such as Twitter and Facebook. But that’s not the same as saying all press releases are effective. Here are five suggestions for improving the chances that your release will get noticed and covered by journalists, […]

Do Press Releases Still Matter?

As a journalist and analyst, I receive about 50 releases a day, and at least twice that many when there’s a major show. Here’s where you’re probably expecting me to say that I automatically delete them because I prefer to keep up with companies via Facebook and Twitter. You’d be wrong.

PR Contacts [Still] Matter

With the Death of SEO (read the article to get the gist), PR, social and content marketing will have the greatest effect on your customers. “Now [PR] is the ultimate, because it is about who you actually, really know. It’s the buzz you create. And how much value you provide your community of followers in […]

Newsletters are so yesterday

(If by yesterday you mean today) Sure, long-form content can be (and usually is) boring. And boring is bad. Especially in today’s real-time, too-many-choices world. If your audience snoozes, you lose.  But content, as in your monthly newsletter, does not have to be boring. 

5 Ways to Double-down on Your Whitepaper

Take your typical B2B whitepaper. You’ve spent time (and money) producing it. Perhaps you hired a writer, commissioned original research and even pulled-in a graphic designer to make it look pretty. Now it’s time to use it. 

Poo and the Art of Content Marketing

I read an article today. I had to. It was about poo.

Be your own publisher

People like great stories. They want to be entertained, even if they’re consuming information about technology trends or business topics. They want information packaged and delivered to them in engaging ways, with fascinating revelations and unexpected twists. They want to be surprised.