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Infographics: More Than a Pretty Picture

Infographics pre-dates the written word, by a long shot – think early cave paintings. More “recently,” this well-known 1858 infographic was created by Florence Nightingale to differentiate the causes of mortality among British soldiers in the Crimean War (graphic published in Wikimedia Commons).

7 Ways to Support a Champagne Campaign on a Beer Budget

1.        Don’t Pay Gold Prices for Pewter PR

Is Your Content Irrelevant?

Does your content provide what your customers and prospective customers really need? How do you know?

Tradeshow Content Curation

Despite society’s expedition into the virtual jungle, tradeshows have managed to remain a valuable way to market your brand in the real world.

How to Create Content Like a Journalist

It should go without saying that one of the goals of your company’s content strategy should be to entice your audience to consume your content. To increase the chances this will happen, you need to take the necessary steps to make sure your content is as thorough, timely, credible, relevant and engaging as possible for […]

Is Your Content Mobile-Friendly?

More than 60 percent of Americans own a smartphone, according to The NPD Group, while global tablet penetration is growing twice as fast as smartphones did during their first few years.

Content Marketing – Quality over Quantity

Content marketing has become so popular that some are predicting its imminent demise. Mostly this view is a reaction to the sheer quantity of content that some organizations are “cranking out,” much of it of marginal value. As in advertising, success depends upon “breaking through the clutter.” The real bottom line is that when your […]

Strategies for Using Trade Association Publications to Build Mindshare

Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion” skits sometime include fictitious sponsors such as the American Duct Tape Council and the Ketchup Advisory Board. They’re amusing reminders of how niche trade associations sometimes can be, but industry organizations are no joke when it comes to growing your company’s mindshare.

Viva la Press Release!

Despite what all the agencies are telling you, THE PRESS RELEASE IS NOT DEAD.  The truth is, the press release has greatly evolved. In the old days, when you sent out a press release, it was only seen by a small group of influencers (media and analysts) and the only way your buyers would hear about it is if […]

How to Use Content to Clarify

As a business journalist, marketing writer, researcher, or content creator of any other stripe, the first step in my process is to decipher exactly what it is your company does. I used the word “decipher” because you, the marketing professional, don’t always make things easy to understand.