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Calysto is constantly and consistently securing editorial coverage in the world's most influential industry, trade, business and daily news outlets through our deep industry relationships. (You will need Acrobat to view some of the following articles, in PDF format.) Recent coverage: 

Optical Submarine Network Evolution Leading Global Communications Transformation

Pipeline Magazine
February 2018
By Mike Seidler, Client: Comba

Fiber Deep: Syncing the back office is key to success

RCR Wireless
January 12, 2018
By Patrick Philip, Senior Solutions Architect, OSS/BSS, Excelacom, Client: Excelacom

Power and Energy Surety in a Sector Increasingly Vulnerable to Market Failure

Energy Central
January 4, 2018
By Andrew Burger, Client: Servato

IoT Evolution: Internet of Things Predictions for 2018

IoT Evolution
January 3, 2018
By Ken Briodagh, Client: Taoglas

Powering Telecom in Times of Crisis

Energy Central
December 28, 2018
By Andrew Burger, Client: Servato

Powering Telecom and the Risk of Systemic Failure

Energy Central
December 22, 2018
By Andrew Burger, Client: Servato

Enhance Cyber Threat Hunting Through Optical Network Analysis

Cyber Defense Magazine
December 18, 2017
By Mike Seidler, Product Marketing Manager, NetQuest Client: NetQuest

Analytics for Threat Detection in Cyber Intelligence

November 13, 2017
By Jesse Price, Client: NetQuest

Hex / Taoglas Antenna Collaboration Helps Navigate a Clear Course in Crowded Drone Field

Commercial UAV News
November 13, 2017
By Dermot O'Shea, Client: Taoglas

The Changing Face of Uninterruptable Power

Batteries International Magazine, page 90
November 13, 2017
Client: Servato

Get ready for 'unlimited data' of 5G networks in 2019

October 16, 2017
By Stephen Shankland, Client: Taoglas

Organizations Prepare Their Health IT Infrastructure for 5G

October 13, 2017
By Elizabeth O'Dowd, Client: Taoglas

Mobile and IoT drive better outcomes in healthcare

IoT Agenda
October 11, 2017
By Bryan Lubel, president of Integron, Client: Integron

IoT: The cure for rising healthcare costs?

IoT Now
September 15, 2017
By Bryan Lubel, president of Integron, Client: Integron

Taoglas Launches RF filter division for IoT, mobile apps

GPS World
September 14, 2017
By Tracy Cozzens, Client: Taoglas
*Also ran in Electronics 360, RF GlobalNet

Taoglas Launches First-Ever Ultra-Wideband Antenna Range for cm-Level Positioning

Microwave Journal
September 6, 2017
Client: Taoglas
*Also ran in IoT Journal, Everything RF, sUAS News, RF Globalnet, Silicon Republic, HIT Infrastructure

MVNOs Ready to Strike Cable?

The Fast Mode
September 2, 2017
By Angela McIntyre, Client: Excelacom

Healthcare Internet of Things Seeks Advanced 5G Wireless

HIT Infrastructure
July 5, 2017
By Elizabeth O'Dowd, Client: Taoglas

Chace Building Supply Simplifies Mileage Tracking, Boosts Customer Service

Field Technologies Online
June 22, 2017
Client: NexTraq

Don't Know What You Got 'til It's Gone: Why Paying Attention to Backup Battery Power is Important

Remote Magazine
June 20, 2017
By Chris Mangum, President & CEO  Client: Servato

Bango Enables New Payment Option for Amazon Customers in Japan

June 7, 2017
Client: Bango
*also ran in Digital Look, Cambridge Network,, Retail Times, The, Direct Commerce Magazine, NFC World, Proactive Investors, London SE Alliance News,,, Retail Insight Network,, Retail Systems,, Financial Times

Want to Unlock Technician Man-Hours?

ISE ICT Solutions & Education
June 1, 2017
By Chris Mangum, President & CEO Client: Servato

"Garage Band" or Gold? Why CBRS is the Next Wifi - But Better

Wireless Week
May 25, 2017
By Patrick Leary, President, Baicells Technologies North America, Client: Baicells

Healthcare IoT Requires Specific Architecture for Success

HIT Infrastructure
May 16, 2017
By Elizabeth O'Dowd, Client: Taoglas

Special Report: Transmission Vamp

May 15, 2017
By Melony Roque, Client: Taoglas

Network Connectivity, Storage Challenge Healthcare IoT Push

HIT Infrastructure
May 11, 2017
By Elizabeth O'Dowd, Client: Taoglas

Successful Medical IoT Requires Cellular Connections

HIT Infrastructure
May 9, 2017
By Elizabeth O'Dowd, Client: Taoglas

Everynet Launches Unique Firmware over the Air Updates for LPWA Networks

IoT Business News
May 5, 2017
Client: everynet
*also ran in IT Business Edge Blog,, IoT, Wireless Week, Internet of Business and Rethink IoT Newsletter

Meet Your Going-green Goals with Backup Power

AGL Magazine
May 2017
Page 26-29
By Chris Mangum, Servato, Client: Servato

Backup Systems & Backup Power

Product Showcase
May 2017
Page 52
Client: Servato

Shedding the Light on Deep Network Visibility for Cyber Intelligence Applications

Cyber Defense Magazine
April 26, 2017
Page 64
By Mike Seidler, Senior Product Manager, NetQuest Corporation, Client: NetQuest

Overcoming the Challenges of Remotely Monitoring Medical Devices

Medical Device Technology
April 26, 2017
By Dermot O'Shea, co-founder & joint CEO, Client: Taoglas

Reader Forum: As providers push NFV/SDN, 3 key issues remain

RCR Wireless
April 23, 2017
By Kelly LeBoeuf, Director of Marketing & Products, Excelacom, Client: Excelacom

Three Key Issues with Integrating SDN/NFV and How Service Providers Can Solve Them

Pipeline Magazine
April 21, 2017
By Dinesh Dhanasekharan, CTO Excelacom Client: Excelacom

Case Study: How IoT Can Drive Efficiency in Waste Management

IoT Institute
April 12, 2017
Client: Taoglas

Licensed LPWA vs. unlicensed LPWA: When pennies matter

IoT Global Network
April 4, 2017
By Lawrence Latham, Managing Director Client: everynet

Reader Forum: Can SDN help service providers build a better bundle?

RCR Wireless
April 3, 2017
By Kelly LeBoeuf, Director of Marketing & Products Client: Excelacom

What Does 5G Mean for IoT?

IoT Today
March 22, 2017
By Chris Anderson, Vice President of Engineering Client: Taoglas

Overcoming Utility Field Challenges to Deploying IoT
March 13, 2017
By Dermot O'Shea, co-founder & joint CEO, Client: Taoglas

Movers & Shakers Interview Chris Mangum, CEO and Chairman of Servato

Frost & Sullivan
March 8, 2017
By Chris Mangum, CEO and Chairman Client: Servato
*password required

GNSS plays prominent role at Mobile World Congress

GPS World
March 5, 2017
By Kevin Dennehy, Client: Taoglas

New Antenna to Provide Fast, Easy 5G Scale-Up for Wireless Communications

Pipeline Magazine Online
February 24, 2017
Client: Taoglas

Taoglas Unveils 5G Antenna Series

Antenna Systems & Technology
February 22, 2017
Client: Taoglas

MWC: Modular 5G antenna stacks for high data rate

Electronics Weekly
February 22, 2017
By Steve Bush, Client: Taoglas

5G Breakthrough: Taoglas turns antennas into mobile Lego blocks

Silicon Republic
February 22, 2017
By John Kennedy, Client: Taoglas

5G Bonanza: Qualcomm, ZTE, Taoglas, Keysight Announce New Trials

Wireless Week
February 22, 2017
By Diana Goovaerts, Client: Taoglas

Adaptive Charging: Extending Battery Life and Reducing Costs in Mission Critical Telecommunications Standby Systems

Battery Power Online
January 24, 2017
By Alex Rawitz, Business Development Manager, Servato Client: Servato

Predictions for 2017: Little, Dynamic Data Rules the Roost

The Fast Mode
January 18, 2017
By Kelly LeBoeuf, Director of Marketing and Products at Excelacom Client: Excelacom

Antenna Technology Continues Fast Evolution

IT Business Edge
January 18, 2017
By Carl Weinschenk Clients: Taoglas

The outlook for the internet of things in 2017

IoT Insights
January 11, 2017
By Sean Kinney, Clients: NexTraq and Excelacom

2017 Predictions: Is 2017 the year 5G brings together IT?

RCR Wireless
January 10, 2017
By Ronny Haraldsvik, SVP and CMO, KodaCloud Client: KodaCloud

2017 Forecast: 5G Preparation Continues, While IoT Business Cases Solidify

The Fast Mode
January 9, 2017
By Dermot O'Shea, Founder and Joint CEO for Taoglas, Client: Taoglas

In 2017, IoT is Still the Next Big Thing in Healthcare

IoT Institute
January 5, 2017
By Brian Buntz, Client: Taoglas

IoT predictions 2017: Revenue, data, latency issues top the list

IoT Agenda (TechTarget)
January 4, 2017
By Sharon Shea, Client: Taoglas

IoT costs will fall this year benefiting consumers in healthcare and utility sectors, says Taoglas CEO

IoT Now
January 4, 2017
Client: Taoglas

Predictions: 5 things to watch in the IoT in 2017

RCR Wireless
January 4, 2017
By Dinesh Dhanasekharan, CTO, Excelacom Client: Excelacom

Wireless Week's Top 5 Predictions for 2017

Wireless Week
January 3, 2017
By Diana Goovaerts Client: Taoglas

Predictions: 5 ways fleet management is changing the game in 2017

RCR Wireless
January 3, 2017
By Wyn Partington, VP of Product & Marketing, NexTraq Client: NexTraq

Predictions: 5G and the IoT - what does that mean for antennas?

RCR Wireless
December 28, 2016
By Dermot O'Shea, Founder and Joint CEO for Taoglas, Client: Taoglas

Cracking the IoT Code: How Can Service Providers Rise to the Top?

IoT Evolution
November 21, 2016
By James Comfort, Manager of Service Delivery, Execelacom Client: Execelacom

Fierce 15 2016: Ingenu challenges carriers as "the Machine Network"

Fierce Wireless
October 4, 2016
By Monica Alleven, Client: Ingenu

Bango PLC Interim Results

September 20, 2016
Client: Bango

Ingenu CEO see just two big winner in low-power IoT tech war

Mobile World Live
September 7, 2016
By Justin Springham, Client: Ingenu

Stepping stones to 5G – small cells and fiber simplifying carrier densification efforts

RCR Wireless
September 5, 2016
By Marc Mize, Client: Clearfield

3 considerations for managing the 4G to 5G transition

RCR Wireless
August 29, 2016
By Matt Brigham, Client: Clearfield

Building Blocks for 5G: What is Fiber’s Role?

RCR Wireless
August 22, 2016
By Brian Larson, Client: Clearfield

Telecom Company to Add 50 Jobs in New Office

South Florida Business Journal
August 12, 2016
By Brian Bandall, Client: Granite Telecommunications

Overcoming OTT pressures in Latin America

RCR Wireless
July 4, 2016
By Samia Bounaira, Client: Excelacom

Cobb to Get 50 New Jobs with Expansion Plans

Atlanta Journal Constitution
June 23, 2016
By Leon Stafford, Client: Granite Telecommunications

Boston company expanding in Cobb County, creating 50 jobs

Atlanta Business Chronicle
June 23, 2016
By Phil Hudson, Client: Granite Telecommunications

AT&T signs Globecomm to provide satellite backup for IoT devices

ReThink RIOT
April 26, 2016
By Alex Davies, Client: Globecomm

For the remotest IoT gear, cellular and satellite are coming together

PC World
April 25, 2016
By Stephen Lawson, Client: Globecomm

Globecomm, AT&T to create network for ‘Internet of Things’

April 25, 2016
By Ken Schachter, Client: Globecomm

AT&T announces deal with Globecomm to offer satellite fallback for IoT customers

April 25, 2016
By Colin Gibbs, Client: Globecomm

Bringing the internet of things to the oil and gas industry

Energy Global Oilfield Technology
March 16, 2016
Adapted By David Bizley, Client: Inmarsat

Battery Management Critical for Support, Savings

Wireless Week
March 8, 2016
By Diana Goovaerts, Client: Servato

Interview: Ingenu CEO

Mobile World Live TV
February 23, 2016

Top Four Considerations for Battery Management in a Connected World

Battery Power Magazine
February 23, 2016
Client: Servato

Chat happens: Your guide to 8 group-chat services

January 28, 2016
By Rick Broida, Client: Redbooth

Mobile dev 2016: Hot technologies, dangerous assumptions

Tech Beacon
January 20, 2016
By Eric Sherman, Client: Redbooth

Granite Telecommunications of Quincy Gets its Message Across

The Patriot Ledger
January 15, 2016
By Jessica Trufant, Client:  Granite Telecommunications

2016 Trends and Outlook - Smart Cities, 10-Year Battery Life and LPWA to Spur IoT Momentum in 2016

The Fast Mode
January 2016
Client:  Ingenu

2016 Trends and Outlook - 2016 Predictions for Enterprise Mobility

The Fast Mode
January 2016
Client:  Cass

How IoT Forked the Mobile Roadmap

Light Reading
January 7, 2016
By Steve Bell, Client: Ingenu

Reader Forum: M&As defining Latin America telecom landscape

RCR Wireless
January 4, 2016
By Samia Bounaira, Client: Excelacom