Real World IoT Summit – PR Vibes Q&A with Christian Renaud, Research Director, Internet of Things, 451 Research

Real World IoT Summit
April 5 -6, 2017
The Landmark, London

What is the “Real World IoT?”
The 451 Research Real World IoT Summit is a gathering of professionals across industry that are actively deploying (or working to deploy) IoT projects in their organizations.  While some of these are from the Information Technology (IT) departments, many are from the ‘business’ side of the company, such as the factory floor, fleet maintenance, or operations.

How did you come up with the name — Real World IoT?
As you know, there are hundreds of IoT conferences out there, most of which are the same old format of vendors presenting product overviews.  We asked customers what they wanted and the consensus opinion was that they hadn’t seen an event where practitioners, people who had hands-on experience deploying  IoT projects, discussed the ups and downs of what that process was like.  This is where ‘Real World’ came from.  Rather than talking about how the world could be, based on best-case slides, we wanted to get down in the trenches with the ugly bits as well.  All of the speakers, other than three or four 451 analysts who will frame or help moderate discussions, will be end users of IoT.

How is it different from all the other IoT shows that are popping up?
All of the speakers will be end users of IoT, not vendors, service providers or other ecosystem players.

Why is it invite-only?
The event is invite-only to make sure that the people in the room fit the definition of ‘practitioner’, with real experiences to share with the other attendees.  We want everyone to bring something to the event that they can contribute to the other attendees as far as experience or context of how IoT will impact their industry. 

Also, the event is designed as an Executive Summit, therefore a limited number of seats are available so we’d like to make sure the right people are in the seats. 

Who will be there?
Senior executives from companies actively working on IoT projects that are in some stage of deployment as well as those who plan to implement IoT into their business and want to see how its being done in other companies. Everyone there will have something valuable they can contribute to the conversation. 

What’s interesting is that if you look at who buys IoT products, it’s not always the IT guys who are in the driver’s seat. Who plays what senior strategic role and how do they adapt IoT technologies for use in their vertical market? At the strategic technology planning level, these individuals are right at the balance between “I am a business person” and “I am a technology person.” So ultimately there will be balance, as well as genetic diversity, as far as what industries are represented.

That said, we will have between 80 and 100 practitioners from companies such as BP International Synexus Clinical Research, Aukett Swanke, Premier Oil, Mentor Graphics, Domino Printing Sciences, and the Housing Plus Group.

To give you an idea of the range of titles of executives involved in enterprise IoT: Group IT Director, Director, IT Strategy & Innovation, Group IS Manager, IT Global IaaS Director, IoT Project & Product Manager, Technology Principal, Digital Innovation Organisation, and IT Manager. 

What’s on the agenda?
As 451 Research sits at the intersection of technology and business, we’re going to start with a brief overview of what IoT adoption looks like today, key use cases and markets, as well as a ‘state of the nation’ update on IoT security, a perennial favorite topic in IoT.  Then we are going to jump right in to our first end-user presentation, with Chris McGugan, the GM of Innovation and Kenmore at Sears, speaking about how Sears is re-inventing its brands for IoT and the Smart Home.

After that, we are breaking out into smaller groups to deep-dive into technologies such as edge computing, analytics, and IoT Cloud platforms for an interactive session among attendees to identify key opportunities, issues and concerns.  These are more interactive sessions, almost an ‘unconference’ format, with 451 Research analysts in each breakout as well as other industry experts.

Day two picks up where day one left off, but instead of looking at IoT through a technology lens, flipping that 90 degrees to look at the unique challenges in vertical markets such as manufacturing (Industrial IoT), transportation (fleet telematics), energy, and Smart Cities.  These sessions are larger versions of the technology roundtables on day one, with separate rooms and active discussions (or debates) on how IoT will be deployed, or not, in each of these key markets.

There will also be opportunities to schedule 1:1 time with any of the 451 analysts. Here’s a link to the complete agenda:

Why choose to hold an executive summit over a larger, vendor centric event like all the others?
When we were asking the industry what kind of event would help ‘forward the conversation’ within industry, a vendor said something to me that really hit home, “I would rather sit around a table with ten people who are actually doing something in IoT and hear what they’re going through than present slides in front of a thousand people. That is a pretty enlightened vendor, when you think about it.

And that’s the reason we’re keeping Real World IoT as a small intimate event. You don’t register to attend. You apply to attend. It’s not the typical cast of thousands show, it’s a unique boutique executive summit.

But will there be martinis?
Of course! It’s London! Here’s your chance to join us!  Apply to attend today and upon approval you will be eligible for a 30 minute 1:1 meeting with a 451 Research Analyst (Christian Renaud, Brian Partridge, Ian Hughes, and Wally Swain) during the event.  Click here to apply.  Be sure to mention code IOTCALYSTO when you do.

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