Market Positioning + Messaging

Market Positioning

Is Your Company Positioned for Success?

Calysto knows your company is one of a kind, but does the market know? Creating a differentiated market position in the Mobile, Wireless, Telecom, IT and IoT industries can be challenging—there’s lots of noise and lots of fluff.

Calysto will cut through all the noise to get to the specific business and technology differentiators and end user benefits that separate your company from the pack to drive sales, lead generation and company value. Then we’ll work with you to ensure that your unique value proposition is being communicated and understood across your entire ecosystem, including customers, partners, the investment community, and of course, the media and analyst influencers that cover your industry. 


Are Your Company's Messages Telling the Right Story?

The success of your company’s marketing program hinges on the messages that are shared with the media and analysts influencing your market. Calystowill work with you to determine and refine your company’s value proposition, narrative, messaging and strategic positioning, ensuring all  your messages are carefully aligned with your company’s strategic business goals.

This messaging will drive all sales and marketing strategy (including PR, social media, content and events), be used to guide and develop additional marketing materials (such as white papers, eBooks and case studies), and provide key talking points for sales teams.

Creating a messaging framework with Calysto means your unique messages are being communicated and heard, helping you advance your company’s strategic business goals. Our strategy, focus, connections and experience will help you create and hone your unique Market Positioning, develop clear and concise messaging, and tell your story to the world.