SlideShare Development: Maximizing Social Exposure

Your LinkedIn and Twitter strategy may be sound, but if you’re not incorporating SlideShare into the social mix, you are missing exposure on one of the fastest-growing social tools. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 40 percent of B2B marketers are using SlideShare as a social media tool to help them share information with their audiences, up from 23 percent in 2012. 

As one of the 120 most-visited sites on the Internet, is an excellent mechanism for SEO and is well indexed by major search engines. In fact, 20 percent of visitors come to SlideShare directly from Google. What’s more, savvy companies are using SlideShare to turn this marketing channel into a lead-generation tool that delivers real results: One analyst firm reports that SlideShare gives his company thousands of qualified leads a year, and a 50x return on investment.

SlideShares are dynamic presentations (8-12 slides) that use compelling graphics and your strong SEO keywords to tell a short story. They present a call to action and offer ways for new customers to contact you (email, social, website, lead-gen form) to learn more about your company.


  • Are SEO-friendly. is one of the top 120 most-visited sites on the Internet, with 60 million monthly visitors, many driven to content through major search engines like Google.
  • Show thought leadership on topics where your company needs to be part of the conversation
  • Demonstrate your company’s subject matter expertise in a compelling way that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Can be repurposed and repurposed (and repurposed):
    • As the basis for a longer presentation
    • As fodder for new website pages
    • As inspiration for a blog series (one or more blog posts per slide)
    • As inspiration for a new SlideShare
    • As the basis for a speaking abstract
    • And much more!

Calysto’s SlideShare program consists of:

  • A session with your team and ours to brainstorm SlideShare content
  • Creation and implementation of SlideShare content and design
  • Full design services with your branding, and links to your website and social platforms
  • Creation of SEO keyword-rich summary for SlideShare
  • Posting under your company’s SlideShare account
  • 5 unique Tweets to get you started with your social promotion

For more information on how you can incorporate SlideShare into your marketing mix, or on a social media program that can help you repurpose your SlideShare content, contact Marissa Evans,, +1-404-266-2060 x546.