About Us

Calysto is a marketing communications firm that specializes in raising awareness through content services, social media and public relations for the mobile, wireless and telecom industries. With our relationships and partners, we have always been more than a PR firm. Now we offer you a fully integrated marketing communications strategy.

We focus on monetizing and driving customer awareness through our content and connections. Our content powers and strengthens your brand because we live and breathe these industries. Our social media expertise allows us to tap into all channels and conversations to tell your stories. Our industry connections enhance your exposure—we know what the media is covering, and we know how to get them to tell your company’s story.

Our team has extensive and specialized industry knowledge and experience that makes us unique.

  • Concentrated. We have the expertise in mobile, wireless and telecom to make it relevant. Specialized. Diversified within key markets. We understand the trends.
  • Credible. We are the professionals at creating and managing the impression of your company. We’re not new—as an agency or to the industries we serve. We are veterans of marketing communications, as well as our industries.
  • Connected. Our relationships extend past the media, bloggers and analysts to all players in the mobile, wireless and telecom ecosystem. Having the right connections not only gets you coverage, it also gives you invaluable insight into what’s important to the audiences you’re trying to reach.

We are authorities at harnessing content services, social media marketing and public relations to get your story told. Who else do you want managing the world’s impression of your company?